Be Stylishly Different

Fashion is extremely dynamic. Trends change every other week. Users are exploded with pictures and information through all kinds of media. There are fashion bloggers in every street who give you outfit ideas. Pinterest amazes with stunning pictures. Global brands are available anywhere at the click of a button. In such a scenario, how does one maintain their individuality? It is very tempting and easy to reproduce latest looks and get lost in the crowd. It also brings about monotony and is hard on your bank account.

Here’s how you can dress differently from others and yet be stylish.

1. Sometimes classy is trendy

White shirt and light denims. Printed maxi skirt and tank top. Skinny jeans and high heels. Pleated plaid skirts and tee. These are some classic eternal combinations that have not and will never go out of fashion. It is always good to have some classic pieces in your wardrobe that you can turn to when you don’t want to be a part of the crowd and yet look fashionable.



2. Mix textures and patterns

You will find a variety of patterns and textures in your collection – lace, stripes, plaid, abstract, jacquard, suede, boucle, floral. Mix them randomly. Lace with plaid or floral with stripes. Try unconventional color and pattern combinations.



3. Bring in ethnic accents

India has abundance of ethnic designs – block prints, tie-dye, unique silks & embroidery. We probably take them for granted because they have been around since forever. We are also used to seeing them in Indian wear. Look at them differently and you will find that they can be incorporated in western casual wear. Add at least one of those elements into your outfit. Use a block print dupatta as a scarf. Wear a gota border skirt with a tank top.



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2 thoughts on “Be Stylishly Different

  1. shwetajoshi

    Agree totally on the ethnic accents thing. Fashion everywhere is so similar nowdays, trends come in and go out globally. But adding that little hint of your local fashion flavors give a new height to your sartorial sense. 🙂

    1. NS Post author

      Seriously. I have a big problem with trends. Because they don’t stay. And adding ethnic accents is so cool!


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