Going Spiritual

No. I am not really becoming spiritual. Nor am I religious. I just visited the Art of Living Aashram in Vasad (near Baroda) with M. This visit was long pending and we did it finally. The aashram is a serene place located on Mahi river bank in the village of Vasad. It was great sitting on the riverbank. Being a Sunday and Navratri time, the Aashram witnessed lot of visitors today.




While M got immersed in the satsang (which was quite cool because of the guitar background), I looked around at the surroundings (and also kept a look out for the tiny frog that leapt out of nowhere onto my leg. Creepy.)




I got this lovely cotton dupatta from my favourite store in Baroda, Friendship Bazaar. The moment I saw it, I fell in love with it and despite resisting it initially, I bought it ultimately within 3 days of first sighting it. And I incidentally found the perfect place and event to wear it.




Except the minor glitch that everyone else was dressed in white while I was in black, I looked like a perfect spiritual student.

I love several international brands and the trends that keep emerging from West but my heart is somewhere in Indian fashion. Whatever I wear, I love to add an Indian touch to it. The chunky ring, sharp blue chappals and brass metal bracelet are few of items of my collection that I love to add to any outfit.

Thanks, M, for this fantastic ring, and for the photographs!


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