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When I Went For A Movie Alone

I would never want to watch a movie alone. I mean, what fun? Movies are for dressing up, break coffees and discussion throughout the movie. As I mentioned here too, I enjoy going to movies not just for the movie, but for the whole experience you go through when you go to a movie theatre with company you enjoy.

But I challenged myself to do it – to watch a movie alone.

So when I was in India a few months back, working on my designs, I gave myself that chance. I was living with friends who would be away at work everyday. I had to pass time somehow during the day and my friend suggested that I go for a movie. I dared myself to.

Was my experience good? No. Not at all!

To start with, the crowd was low in the beginning given the fact that it was a weekday afternoon. There were just some guys around and they kept staring at me. I was so conscious. And embarrassed. I know. For no reason. Later on, crowd added up and the hall was pretty full but I remained stressed. It felt like I was in the wrong; that I was committing a crime!

Needless to say, I am never going alone for a movie.

I just don’t enjoy it. There is no point forcing myself to change my philosophies. Movie watching is not a task for me; it is a fun activity that I want to do with people I like.

Talking about movies, I watched Haider the other day. I loved the acting and cinematography and music but on the downside, the movie was really slow, predictable to some extent and very, very depressing! Did they really need all those gross scenes and detailed violent proceedings? I am sure they could be done with.

Anyway, I think Summer ended yesterday. It was cloudy, cold and windy today and is going to remain so for the whole week. I am so sad!

I wore this yesterday to literally celebrate the last day of warmth. And in the spirit of the festive season, of course. I find harem pants the most comfortable thing on earth. and of course, I love adding an Indian touch to everything.








Janmashtami Dressing

On Janmashtami, my cousin was holding a small puja. Just she, her mother and her room-mate. Not a big affair. Before that, they planned to sing Krishna songs – both film songs and non-film songs. Now those who know me know that I am hardly the religious kind. I don’t remember when I last went to a temple to pray. Or the last time I tried to connect with God. Performing pujas or fasting is out of question.

It is not that I do not believe in God. It is just that, we were never a religious family. As I grew up and began living on my own, the more I understood myself walking along the path of life, I focussed on clarity of conscience and spirituality more than deity worship.

Anyway, I decided to be a part of my cousin’s little celebration. Not that I am turning religious. Just that, being away from India makes me miss things particular to India – the festival, ceremonies, traditions and little beliefs. Singing Krishna songs was a way of connecting with my country. A way of remembering the life there. A way of saying I still respect all that my country is. And a proof that my heart is still there.

Here is what I wore. Nothing grand yet not very ordinary.

(Do you ever decide to wear a piece of clothing or an accessory or a pair of shoes first and then choose the rest of the outfit to go with it? Here, I decided to wear this scarf-cum-necklace and then chose the rest of the pieces.)

The scarf is an interesting piece. The necklace is joined with the scarf. It was gifted.






Err, did I forget to mention that this event was also an opportunity for me to dress up and go out? Secondary reason. Believe me.

Find My Way

(Play music while you read!)

At times, do you have a problem with the way you are? I do, with one particular trait of mine. I am an introvert. I can go on talking to people I know and am close with but otherwise, I talk less. Not just that, I think a lot in my mind but I won’t speak out my thoughts.

This trait posed a great deal of problems for me after I moved to the US. I was meeting so many new people and I started going to school. And I knew no one. So, I had to open my mouth and make friends. But I wouldn’t. Or, couldn’t. I was too nervous. Often, I would try. But I would speak in such a meek voice that the person sitting beside me would not hear. And that would create more embarrassment for me.

I was otherwise confident. I have been asking questions in class and actively participate. I have been doing well in this totally new subject. This has given me oodles of confidence and boosted my self-esteem but still, its going to be a while when I start feeling like I belong here.

It took me a year to accept and get comfortable to a particular friend circle. A year of meeting them twice a month brought out the comfort level.

I know, I am no different than others. Just because they have been living here for so long does not mean they are better in any way. It’s just my anxious mind that muddled up my basic concepts.

Around a couple of months after I came here, I was picked up to participate in a webcast on Huffington Post. There were 5 other women in the webcast. It was a disaster. For one, I was at school, sitting in a corridor during break trying to interact on the webcam on my tablet. I could not hear a thing. I am not one to butt in a conversation. I could not participate even when they asked me to speak – because they could not hear me. I felt so ashamed.

I consoled myself saying I think better than I speak. I write better than I interact in a group. And perhaps, it is completely okay.

When I went to India this time, I surprised myself by chatting with people I barely knew and actively participating in groups. Of course, one year in US has brought about changes in me. I am more open than ever. But I was more free in India because I still consider India my home; I still find comfort there.

Aaaanyway, I enjoy window shopping and shopping here as I enjoy roaming around my college campus, going to the cafeteria and library. I have got used to certain malls, stores and of course my college and actually feel at home there.

So I guess things are improving.

Coming to the outfit post. I wore this on Sunday. I went to a car mela, a temple to attend a function and a social visit. I got this beautiful woollen vest from Janpath at the cost of peanuts. It is in lovely tweed – brown with pink dots. It goes with just about everything. it gives a 90’s look, maybe, but I think it is an evergreen, classic, smart Indo-western look. I accessories with a big metal pendant, wood-n-metal drop earrings, oxidized nose-ring, leopard print flats and a jhola bag.



woolen vest

Get The Indo Western Look With Ethnic Vests

A vest is a great way to add pizazz to an outfit. Nowadays, lace vests are very popular and for a good reason. But what I am craving for right now are ethnic vests. Indian ethnic vests range from block print, vegetable dyed, embroidered, mirror work to silk patchworks. And if you love tribal / ethnic prints as much as I do, you will love African, Mexican and European embroideries too.

Vests came in fashion in India in the nineties. Remember Suchitra’s Dole Dole? She wears a vest over a loose, over sized shirt. I still adore that look.


Think ikat, Aztec, mirror work and tribal designs.

fusion foreverI am a bolero jacket junkie. This one had to be on the list. Source

Wear a vest to create a 90’s grunge look or a hippie / boho look. Wear it with a tank, shirt or kurta. Wear it over shorts, jeans or skirts. A vest goes with just everything.

fusionforeverA ethnic print vest over a kurta or loose shirt. What could be more casual smart than this?? Source

fusion forever

This one’s super adorable. Source


Vests are very easy to make and are also available online, in Fabindia or Handicraft stores.

Which one of these is your pick?

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Going Spiritual

No. I am not really becoming spiritual. Nor am I religious. I just visited the Art of Living Aashram in Vasad (near Baroda) with M. This visit was long pending and we did it finally. The aashram is a serene place located on Mahi river bank in the village of Vasad. It was great sitting on the riverbank. Being a Sunday and Navratri time, the Aashram witnessed lot of visitors today.




While M got immersed in the satsang (which was quite cool because of the guitar background), I looked around at the surroundings (and also kept a look out for the tiny frog that leapt out of nowhere onto my leg. Creepy.)




I got this lovely cotton dupatta from my favourite store in Baroda, Friendship Bazaar. The moment I saw it, I fell in love with it and despite resisting it initially, I bought it ultimately within 3 days of first sighting it. And I incidentally found the perfect place and event to wear it.




Except the minor glitch that everyone else was dressed in white while I was in black, I looked like a perfect spiritual student.

I love several international brands and the trends that keep emerging from West but my heart is somewhere in Indian fashion. Whatever I wear, I love to add an Indian touch to it. The chunky ring, sharp blue chappals and brass metal bracelet are few of items of my collection that I love to add to any outfit.

Thanks, M, for this fantastic ring, and for the photographs!

Working Class

In my 6.5 years of work experience, I have acquired a lot of skills:

1. Smart work: Something which I don’t think I have understood but am hopeful someday I will be an expert in this aspect.
2. Patience / Tolerance: Ability to stay cool, calm and composed in most testing / trying situations. Courtesy – an individual called The Boss.
3. Tact: Ability to be nice to most irritating pests with whom you have no intentions of interacting at work, forget beyond.
4. Stretched Limits: I never knew I could play so much with numbers, Excel sheets, presentations and letters even though I don’t give a damn about what happens to them subsequently.
5. Sacrifice: Have forgone all selfish interests in life like friends, food, movies, hobbies and personal space. There is whole life left to be selfish, right?
I am not a journo. Or an artist. Or a write. Nor a designer.
I am a bored HR Professional.
And yet, I dress like this to work.


My little cousin has grown up now. We, inseparables, do crazy stuff whenever we are together. We forget the whole world when we are in each other’s company. She is no longer my little girl; she’s grown! She’s much, much taller than me! When she was little, she was the cutest girl around. Today, she’s grown into a pretty young lady and one of the best friends I have.
We went crazy with this little, random photo shoot we did when I went to her place during Diwali. Adi has beautiful features – a bright smile, a cute nose and eyes that dance every time she talks disclosing the liveliness that resides within her.

Adi’s Mom, my Aunt, herself is very artistic and creative and I know from where Adi gets her genes. Take a note of the beaded neck piece, wooden bangles and chappals. Mami has scoured up all of these from streets like Colaba Causeway and Bandra. My grandfather’s 25 year old Fiat acted as a perfect background!

Fusion dressing will never bore me. How much ever I love denim and stilettoes, wooden jewellery, indian block print and bandhini will always attract me. Indian kitsch (if that’s what indian fusion has turned into), old walls, vintage doors, abandoned old houses, creepers on old walls, chappals – will remain a part of my deep obsessions.