I have been obsessed with shoes since I was 5. As I grew up, my obsession extended to junk jewellery, scarves, dresses, bags, coloured liners and shorts. I love long wavy hair, messy buns, smoky eyes, large earrings, gladiators and fuchsia. Apart from shopping, I spend my time reading crime novels, decorating my house, gardening, cooking, baking, socializing and blogging.

I quit Human Resources after working in Corporate for 7+ years. Marriage brought me to Bay Area, California and my life took a fresh turn. I now study Fashion Designing, my age old passion and dream. Am totally loving this mid-life career change!

With this blog, I intend to get inspiration, encouragement and make some friends!

Thank you for stopping by!


9 thoughts on “About

  1. tanya anand

    could I have an active email address please, would like to keep you informed about brand happenings.

  2. arpit

    Hello, my name is Arpit Goel. I read your blog regularly. I think you are an amazing writer. I would like to present you with an opportunity to write for AdviceAdda.com. It is an online portal that provides ‘Expert Advice’ to youngsters and teenagers who need help and solutions to their problems.
    It is providing a platform to writers as well where they can bring a meaningful change in the lives of youth by discussing their experiences, provide inspiring thoughts and good/bad takes on life. You may visit our website where articles, poems in both Hindi and English are invited. We are working for a great cause to make Youth life ‘Tension Free’, It will be really nice,If you support us in this mission.
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