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Navratri This Year

I do love fashion but I am a very practical person too (I am a typical Arien that way). And we all know fashion is not always practical.

I do not wear high heels most times because of the practical difficulties they pose.

Changing handbags? That is not even an option for me. I have been using the same handbag since ages. I do not change it even when going out for movies or dinner. I mean, what if I forget important things like wallet or Vaseline or home keys in the ‘dressy’ purse when I change back to the regular bag?

Nope. I am not taking that risk.

So when I was getting dressed for garba lately, I decided to keep it real simple. When you are dancing continuously for hours on catchy music, you move a lot and sweat a lot. Sometimes, you slam into other people or your hand smashes into someone else’s. I have seen (and been through) broken nails, broken bangles and skin cuts.

So, wearing bangles was out of question. In fact, the kada I wore last year lost a few stones after 4 hours of garba. Sob. My favourite kada!

With all the sweat, a necklace is out of question too.

The hair I leave open also goes up in a hair-tie after an hour of dancing.

This time, I chose cotton dupattas and lehengas and sleeveless brocade blouses. They made the garba experience more relaxed, fuss-free and enjoyable. Instead, I chose to adorn myself heavily with a nose ring, large bindi, bright lipstick, lots of color and large earrings. I think the look worked.

Garba 1

Garba 2

Garba 3


India International Jewellery Week 2014–My Favorites

It rained stars at the recent IIJW event held at Grand Hyatt, Mumbai. IIJW showcased some of India’s best jewellery and costume designers. The ramp sizzled with beauty, jewels and rich fabrics for 3 days. Celebrities and models, equally dazzling, showed off fabulous pieces of jewellery along with gorgeous lehengas and gowns. Difficult to choose a few favourites but here is my list.

Brand ambassador Sonam Kapoor walked for Nazraana in a beautiful, vintage off white dress by Ashi Studio (a Lebanese brand). As always, she rocked the vintage look. This one has got to be everyone favorite, right?

  sonam kapoor iijw

Former Miss India, Pooja Chopra, walks for Swarovski. Now this one looks like a very cute demure Indian bride.


Raveena Tandon looked a beautiful mess when she walked for Dipti Amisha

Raveena IIJW 2014

Amisha Patel wore a gorgeous lehenga in a beautiful color combination for Swarovski.

Amisha Patel iijw

Sagarika Ghatge projected an Indian woman’s pure beauty in a simple elegant saree by Anavila as she walked for Ganjam Jewellers.

Sagarika Ghatge

Diya Mirza looked delicate in a catchy half saree as she walked for Shobha Shringar.

Diya Mirza iijw

Parineeti kept her makeup minimum and let the Shyamal and Bhumika black and gold gown do all the talking as she walked for Bridhichand Ghanshyamdas Jewellers.

Pareeniti Chopra iijw

Sunny Leone reminds me of Cleopatra in this royal black attire. She sashayed down the ramp for Apala.


Canadian beauty Lisa Ray glowed in a coral gown and outstanding blue stone earrings by Farah Khan Ali.

Lisa Ray iijw

Bong beauty Bipasha Basu turned showstopper for Neeta Lulla’s Autumn Winter Bride collection. She looked amazing. The color combination is stunning, so is the intricate embroidery.

bipasha basu iijw 2014

Sonam Kapoor did it once again. She looked a real princess in a delicate white saree by Neeta Lulla. The headband was icing on top of the cake.

Sonam Kapoor IIFW 14

Got a favorite?

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Festive Season Bliss

I am enjoying festivals like never before. earlier, festivals only meant holiday from work. Free time to shop, finish pending work, watch movies at home and catch up with friends. Now, they really mean something. I guess, being away from India, one wants to do more to get in touch with roots.

I spoke recently about money revolving and deciding our lives. I am beginning to think, not really.

My first Diwali in the US has been a memorable one. We called friends over and celebrated in a big way. And of course calling people over involves expenditure. Expenditure on food, on decoration, on lighting, on good dinnerware on crackers – to make sure everyone spends a terrific Diwali. But the joys friends bring you, is priceless. Had diwali been as good if it were just the 2 of us doing the puja, bursting a few crackers, having a normal meal followed by some mithai, to make it look like a festival? Money is a means, no wonder. Nothing is free today. But the real joy comes from surrounding yourself with people you love, people you cherish. Life is not good without friends and family. You can have all the money in the world but if there is no one to share it with, life is no fun.

Anyway, Garba came, bringing with it memories and pleasures of my childhood. Followed by Karwa Chauth and then Diwali. It has been traditions, sarees and social gatherings all along. And its been so much fun!

Green sari

Green sari 1


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It’s Sari Day (Finally!!)

I love saris. When I was shopping for my wedding, despite knowing that I would be moving out of India where I would not find many opportunities to wear sari, I was so driven towards them. I wanted to buy the whole shop (Asopalav, Ahmedabad). I did end up buying a few new ones, stole some of Mum’s and brought some 7 saris to US with me (along with fancy, sexy blouses).

And what happened after coming here? Never got an opportunity to wear one until 5 months later. Yes! I saw my chance when a friend invited us to her son’s Annaparashram function at a temple. The moment I got the invite, my mind was thinking which sari to wear.

And I zeroed on this one because the blouse was most decent!

Some day, I had loved chiffon, georgette and net. Now I love non-shiny silks (like khaadi or jute). This particular sari is from my favourite store (didn’t I mention.. Asopalav, Ahmedabad) and is a sticky kind of silk. If I remember correctly, it is jute silk. I love the bold, vibrant combination of colours. Suited the warm California weather just right!





Doing It The Bangali Way

This time, I have participated in Navratri in a big way. Not as much as most people here but going out on 6 days out of 9 was good enough considering that I have kept myself out of Navtari since 15 years. I went to perform Garba on 2 nights and watched on the remaining 4. I witnessed the famous garbas of Fine Arts Faculty and United Way, both equally spellbinding not just for the enthusiastic dancers but also for their costumes. Actually, more for their costumes.

Halter necks were common; the new things we noticed were sheer backs and designer chaniyas (ghaghras). Usually conservative girls flaunted their smooth backs, fresh tattoos and flat tummies. Perfect hairstyles were made to show off those sexy backs. Each dancer outdid the other. It was quite delightful to sit at FA or United Way, commenting on passing dancers.

I made it a point to dress up on each outing. It was festival time; everyone was dressed colourfully. How was I to be left behind? I delved into the crowd, dressed my best, and made the most of the festival.





English Vinglish has brought cotton sarees back in fashion. Friendship Bazaar is the perfect place to get such sarees. I rushed there and brought this basic Kalamkari cotton saree (for a generously low price of Rs 650). I think I wore it well.

You think so too?



My little cousin has grown up now. We, inseparables, do crazy stuff whenever we are together. We forget the whole world when we are in each other’s company. She is no longer my little girl; she’s grown! She’s much, much taller than me! When she was little, she was the cutest girl around. Today, she’s grown into a pretty young lady and one of the best friends I have.
We went crazy with this little, random photo shoot we did when I went to her place during Diwali. Adi has beautiful features – a bright smile, a cute nose and eyes that dance every time she talks disclosing the liveliness that resides within her.

Adi’s Mom, my Aunt, herself is very artistic and creative and I know from where Adi gets her genes. Take a note of the beaded neck piece, wooden bangles and chappals. Mami has scoured up all of these from streets like Colaba Causeway and Bandra. My grandfather’s 25 year old Fiat acted as a perfect background!

Fusion dressing will never bore me. How much ever I love denim and stilettoes, wooden jewellery, indian block print and bandhini will always attract me. Indian kitsch (if that’s what indian fusion has turned into), old walls, vintage doors, abandoned old houses, creepers on old walls, chappals – will remain a part of my deep obsessions.