Sometimes you feel happy for no reason. There is a hop in your step the whole day and you smile at no one in particular. You just feel good about yourself. You think your life is all good; all the problems are far far away.

Today was one such day for me. I don’t know why!

It was such a relaxed day and yet I managed to do lots of work with no stress (which is a wonder because I tend to worry and fret a lot over little things).

I was so laid-back and free late evening (all cooking and cleaning done by then), I decided to give myself a pedicure (my own version of pedicure, that is!). I locked myself up in the bathroom, with a bucket of warm frothy water, a dead skin scrubber and The Body Shop Peppermint Foot Scrub and a book to accompany (150 pounds by Kate Rockland. Nothing more relaxing than a good chick-lit). An hour of bliss followed.

After coming to the US, I have hardly spent such carefree moments. I have mostly been anxious and worried about my life here. Life that I am beginning afresh. Life that I have to build like it used be. Despite having everything, I do end up feeling like I have nothing.

Maybe all of us go through such phases. One bad day and you feel your whole life is worthless. That’s when you need someone to give you a hand or a push. Its either a friend or family or just some unknown, faceless person on internet or radio who makes you realize that life is not all that bad. Even the most optimistic, cheerful person needs some external motivation sometimes, correct?

I hope I brighten someone’s day with these.











These are so pretty, don’t you think?

All pictures from Pinterest


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