Halloween Is Here

Halloween is celebrated in a big way throughout the world on October 31st. This is my first Halloween ever and I have been excited about the festivities and got into the spirit soon. I gazed at all decorations with admiration and child-like enthusiasm. And got zealous when I got invited to a costume party.

I got my costume ready in one shopping visit. But before that, let’s talk a bit about why Halloween is celebrated in the first place (I really like getting into history of traditions).

This concept dates back to around 500 BC. Celtic tribes believed in spirits. While they worshipped over 300 Gods, their chief God was the Sun. One of the festivals they celebrated was Samhain to mark the start of winter. They believed that at the end of every summer, Samhain, the God of Death overpowers the Sun. On October 31, Samhain assembles all the evil spirits who had died the previous year and allows them to return home to visit the living. The priests would light great fires and offer sacrifices to Samhain to ensure that the sun returned after the winter. Villagers would try to appease goblins and demons with offerings of food and nuts. They would leave little treats that the household had to offer, to satisfy the hunger of these demons. If the demon was satisfied with the treat, it was believed it would not trick the person or cast an evil spell. Therein lays the origin of the present day trick or treat. Legend has it that people would also wear masks or other disguises and blacken their faces to try and pass unnoticed by the spirits.

Today, Halloween is celebrated by children and adults alike. Halloween today is not purely ghoulish; it is a fun event too. People don costumes of their favourite characters from movies or fairy tales.

That’s what I did. No blood, no ghastly sights. A very feminine, delicate, somewhat vintage attire, true to my style.



Halloween 2

Halloween 3

Halloween 1

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5 thoughts on “Halloween Is Here

    1. NS Post author

      Thanks, Anupriya. I can’t imagine myself having a ripped open flesh strip on my face or blood on my clothes type of a costume on. Yikes!


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