Festive Season Bliss

I am enjoying festivals like never before. earlier, festivals only meant holiday from work. Free time to shop, finish pending work, watch movies at home and catch up with friends. Now, they really mean something. I guess, being away from India, one wants to do more to get in touch with roots.

I spoke recently about money revolving and deciding our lives. I am beginning to think, not really.

My first Diwali in the US has been a memorable one. We called friends over and celebrated in a big way. And of course calling people over involves expenditure. Expenditure on food, on decoration, on lighting, on good dinnerware on crackers โ€“ to make sure everyone spends a terrific Diwali. But the joys friends bring you, is priceless. Had diwali been as good if it were just the 2 of us doing the puja, bursting a few crackers, having a normal meal followed by some mithai, to make it look like a festival? Money is a means, no wonder. Nothing is free today. But the real joy comes from surrounding yourself with people you love, people you cherish. Life is not good without friends and family. You can have all the money in the world but if there is no one to share it with, life is no fun.

Anyway, Garba came, bringing with it memories and pleasures of my childhood. Followed by Karwa Chauth and then Diwali. It has been traditions, sarees and social gatherings all along. And its been so much fun!

Green sari

Green sari 1


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11 thoughts on “Festive Season Bliss

    1. NS Post author

      Thank you, Lauren!

      PS: I skimmed through some of your posts (while waiting at signals) and I need to give more time to your posts. Your story and the way you write is very interesting and involving! And please take care!

    1. NS Post author

      Thanks Divya!

      Na, not done the mehendi thing. That would be too much!

      Wish you could be a part of this year s Diwali!


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