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Oversized Block Print Shirt

I cannot believe Fall is here already! Daylight Saving Time ends on 2nd Nov; that is a painful reminder that good days are over.

Each time of the day, including peak afternoons, is accompanied by cold winds; the sun is hiding behind clouds.

Gosh, summer is really over!

This whole week, I have been layering and covering myself completely because not just outside, inside of my workplace is freezing too. Well, not exactly freezing, but that’s how it has been feeling.

Of course Fall dressing can be fun – plaids, infinity scarves and boots. But it also makes me sloppy and immobile. I also dislike wearing jeans the whole day. I crave the freedom summer provides.

Summer is 5 months away and I am already longing for it. Not good!

Here is my outfit post from 2 weeks ago. Even though mornings were nippy, afternoons were scorching hot. I bought this Ann Taylor shirt recently and even though it is one or two sizes bigger, I enjoy wearing it. Oversized shirts look great tucked-in into pants or skirts. I also like the fact that it is block printed. A wonderful ethnic touch to a casual Californian look.






Shirt: Ann Taylor

Shorts: Gifted (from Bangkok)

Necklace: The Basic Closet

Shoes: Catwalk


Navratri This Year

I do love fashion but I am a very practical person too (I am a typical Arien that way). And we all know fashion is not always practical.

I do not wear high heels most times because of the practical difficulties they pose.

Changing handbags? That is not even an option for me. I have been using the same handbag since ages. I do not change it even when going out for movies or dinner. I mean, what if I forget important things like wallet or Vaseline or home keys in the ‘dressy’ purse when I change back to the regular bag?

Nope. I am not taking that risk.

So when I was getting dressed for garba lately, I decided to keep it real simple. When you are dancing continuously for hours on catchy music, you move a lot and sweat a lot. Sometimes, you slam into other people or your hand smashes into someone else’s. I have seen (and been through) broken nails, broken bangles and skin cuts.

So, wearing bangles was out of question. In fact, the kada I wore last year lost a few stones after 4 hours of garba. Sob. My favourite kada!

With all the sweat, a necklace is out of question too.

The hair I leave open also goes up in a hair-tie after an hour of dancing.

This time, I chose cotton dupattas and lehengas and sleeveless brocade blouses. They made the garba experience more relaxed, fuss-free and enjoyable. Instead, I chose to adorn myself heavily with a nose ring, large bindi, bright lipstick, lots of color and large earrings. I think the look worked.

Garba 1

Garba 2

Garba 3

Houndstooth Is The Pattern of the Season

Houndstooth has often been the trend for Fall seasons. It goes and comes but it never goes away forever. Houndstooth is classy and eternal.

But this time, I am seeing it in a new way. It is everywhere. And by that I mean, really everywhere. On shoes, jackets (obviously), shopping bags, base of shoes (??). You go to a mall and everything is directing you to buy houndtsooth. Anything. It could even be a bed sheet or a coffee mug!

I have had this silk enlarged-houndstooth print Iora top since ages. It is very versatile and easy to wear. I throw it on when I do not know what else to wear. It just makes my life simple.

I added a pop of color to it this time. I obtained this blue-green silk scarf recently and am in total love with it. Its texture is so amazing. I like tying long scarves into a knot on the side of my neck. I think it looks really cute and sophisticated. Try it sometime, ladies.






When I Went For A Movie Alone

I would never want to watch a movie alone. I mean, what fun? Movies are for dressing up, break coffees and discussion throughout the movie. As I mentioned here too, I enjoy going to movies not just for the movie, but for the whole experience you go through when you go to a movie theatre with company you enjoy.

But I challenged myself to do it – to watch a movie alone.

So when I was in India a few months back, working on my designs, I gave myself that chance. I was living with friends who would be away at work everyday. I had to pass time somehow during the day and my friend suggested that I go for a movie. I dared myself to.

Was my experience good? No. Not at all!

To start with, the crowd was low in the beginning given the fact that it was a weekday afternoon. There were just some guys around and they kept staring at me. I was so conscious. And embarrassed. I know. For no reason. Later on, crowd added up and the hall was pretty full but I remained stressed. It felt like I was in the wrong; that I was committing a crime!

Needless to say, I am never going alone for a movie.

I just don’t enjoy it. There is no point forcing myself to change my philosophies. Movie watching is not a task for me; it is a fun activity that I want to do with people I like.

Talking about movies, I watched Haider the other day. I loved the acting and cinematography and music but on the downside, the movie was really slow, predictable to some extent and very, very depressing! Did they really need all those gross scenes and detailed violent proceedings? I am sure they could be done with.

Anyway, I think Summer ended yesterday. It was cloudy, cold and windy today and is going to remain so for the whole week. I am so sad!

I wore this yesterday to literally celebrate the last day of warmth. And in the spirit of the festive season, of course. I find harem pants the most comfortable thing on earth. and of course, I love adding an Indian touch to everything.







Make-up & Jewellery Organization

Here are a few things I have learnt about make-up and accessories organization:

· Make-up and jewellery looks pretty. So they need to be displayed, not hidden away in drawers and cabinets.

· They also need to be displayed because you need to see your entire collection every time you dress up. If you are a shopaholic like me, which you probably are if you are dealing with storage problems, you won’t even remember what all you own. So, it is important that everything you own is laid out in front of you, so you can choose justly.

· Innovative storage solutions can act as decor! Baskets, cute boxes, vintage chests, DIY storage – wonderfully satisfying ways of organizing things make your room artsy and add that personal touch.









After years of dealing with broken, lost, tangled up jewellery and cosmetics, I decided to bring them all out. I love baskets and when I saw so many cute baskets at the Dollar Store, I decided to change the way I did things. And I am so happy! I have everything organized and laid out in front of me. I do not repeat things and give other items ‘a chance’. That also gives me the satisfaction that I am using all the stuff I have and have not merely wasted money on things I am never able to use.

What are your storage problems? And ideas?




I stepped into my fourth semester at school 2 weeks ago and things have been crazy since then. As always, I am taking time to fall into a new schedule. I have been lost, to some extent, such that once I got days confused and ended up going to the gym on the wrong day for a class.

If classes and job search weren’t enough, I have taken up internships at a couple of places. Ok, 3 places. That’s a lot, no? I took up these opportunities because I was excited about the profiles and learning they had to offer; I couldn’t say no to any of them.

In the process, I have pretty much ignored my shop and my blog. Thank God for scheduling, my social media has been pretty active.

Talking about internships, I was pretty nervous about them. Initially, I had doubts about even getting through, forget surviving. To overcome this fear, I decided to face it. I just went for it. I applied at 3-4 places, gave interviews and to my surprise, got through all of them! Imagine my delight!

I have begun work on all of them and it is super-fun. I enjoy all the profiles. Sometimes, it is craft work (something I haven’t done since graduation days), sometimes styling and sometimes handling social media – all of which I enjoy. It is so much fun going back to what I really enjoy.

More about them later.

This post was long due. I really liked how the pictures came out and was reserving them for a ‘better time’. Well, there is no better time than now. So here they are.

Skirt: The Basic Closet

Top: Custom made

Shoes: Payless

Earrings: Fabindia (gifted)

Bangles: Street find, India






Problems Of A Hoarder

I am a hoarder. My friends, family and room-mates will confirm this fact. As a lover of fashion and beauty, I obviously love collecting clothes, shoes, skin care products, bags, accessories and cosmetics. But, I am also a lover of many other things. And so I also love collecting pens, shopping bags, pans, containers, gift wrapper, books, painted pots, coffee mugs, plants, perfumes – the list goes on. Cute things, colorful things, some-day-it-will-be-handy things – I keep collecting.


Every time I have moved houses and cities, my excessive stuff has caused me numerous problems, stress and depression the most prominent. Stress because of the volume and depression because of realization of how much money I have spent in all the extra, unnecessary possessions. Each time I vow to curtail my purchases but do I stay committed? You probably know the answer.

In the beginning of 2014, I did resolve to shop less (for clothes and accessories) and reuse – recycle what I already own. In my Fabrics Analysis class (Spring ’14 semester), we did an assignment on effects of textiles on environment and calculated our own environmental footprint. In that, too, I stated:

– I have way too many clothes (having been a compulsive buyer all my life). This is something I realized lately because I have no space to keep them. I don’t fit into half of the clothes, don’t even know what clothes exist in my wardrobe and just do not know what to do with many clothes – can’t keep them, can’t throw them. This year, I have resolved to NOT buy any clothes (except absolutely essential items that need to be replaced) and so far I am doing well.

– I will give away my old and unfit clothes to charity, orphanages or Salvation Army so that they can be put to good use.

..to which the instructor replied – Well said!

Recently, I noticed that the number of my eye pencils looked lesser than usual. I would stare at the holder for minutes trying to place why they looked reduced and which ones were missing. I couldn’t. I have so many that I don’t even remember which ones I own. Later, my husband admitted he had accidently knocked over the case and few had fallen behind the cabinet. I located four, put them back and when the holder again started toppling over with the weight of pencils, I felt things were back to normal.

That’s what I am used to. Excess. Overload. Stuff everywhere. Things overflowing. Cabinets bursting.

So that is problem number one. Overcrowding. Lack of space. The situation that I am in right now, I do not have place to keep even one extra t-shirt. Strictly no. Hangers are breaking. Drawers are so stuffed that things are falling off from behind. Clothes are so tightly stuffed they are getting deformed and are getting permanent creases. Don’t ask. Terrible.


Just like it happened with eye pencils, I don’t even remember what clothes, shoes and accessories I own! My bags are in a big plastic storage container. I tend to use the ones on the top. The bags lying deep inside are forgotten. I may rediscover something months (or years) later only to find its surface peeling or stained. So many of my clothes and shoes got spoilt because they had been lying unused for years. I don’t get to use all of them regularly because there are so many. And because there are too many, I don’t remember which ones I own. See the paradox?

There are so many clothes I have grown out of. I still own 4-5 year old pieces. How in the world did I think I would retain my shape and size all these years? No way. I don’t fit into so many. If I do fit into them, they look like they would burst off me. You think its right to believe that someday I will lose weight and fit into them? Because that’s what I have been telling myself..


I may very proudly say that I still have clothes from my school days that I can fit into and do wear regularly – at the risk of appearing outdated. Problem number four. I own so many clothes and bags that are in perfect condition but they are passé now. You no longer see them on the streets or in shops. But you will still find them in my closet. Good thing? Lousy thing? I can’t throw them because they look as good as new (obviously they will, because I must have used each just once or twice a year). Nor can I give them away. So they are stuck with me.

That gives people enough reason to say – why do you want to buy more clothes; you already have so many. Yes, I know, I know but..! Problem number five. All you girls who have to exercise high self restraint can understand what I am saying, right?


Enough problems come with compulsive buying. You see the impact of it only after some time has passed. I have learnt it – again and again – the hard way. So now, after all these years of hoarding and overcrowding, I am NOT shopping more, I AM trying to lose weight, I AM trying to style my old clothes (that look brand new, some with tags still on) in ways that look trendy, I AM digging out hidden, forgotten clothes / shoes / bags / accessories and using them and I AM not repeating clothes so everything gets a chance.

But you know, it’s too much stress and work, doing all this. It is better to invest in classy, evergreen pieces from good brands rather than collecting a whole bunch of random stuff. Quality is a way better idea than quantity here.

What do you say?


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