2014. Here I Come

I am so excited about the New Year, that I am asking 2014 to welcome me, instead of welcoming it. I am raring for the New Year.

2013 has been BIG for me because of the changes, most of them surprising & unexpected, in my life. 2013 has also been a learning. A learning about new things. Learning about the extent of my own capabilities. So here are my resolutions – aiming at making 2014 a better year.

I spent most of 2013 in self-doubt. No wonder, I did so many things I had never done before – like, baking, cooking, hosting parties, home decoration, driving in a new country, stitching – and yet, the only communication I had with myself is I can’t do it. Sad enough. Because if I had little more faith in myself, I could have done much, much more. The biggest battle has been with stitching. By joining fashion school, I had to do a lot of stitching. I learnt it and am far from perfect. But practice makes the man perfect and if the man refuses to practice, he goes nowhere! I was so afraid of failing, I never tried it. Until a friend asked me to stitch a shirt for her school project and I did it completely on my own. That gave me mountains of confidence and now, I am no longer afraid to try. I know, I have a long journey to cover but at least the beginning is in sight.

Time management has always been an issue from the days when I was working in Corporate. I tend to leave things for the last minute, especially things I am not confident about. I end up fretting and worrying in the end and can’t do things right. In my studies, stitching is always the area I delay. I do well in all other projects but stitching projects lay hidden till the end. I really want to change this attitude this year. I want to attack my fears instead of avoiding them. I want to tackle the most difficult things first.

The last semester, I totally lacked focus. Indeed, the first 6 months in US were tough. I spent it acclimatizing with the surroundings, culture, new routine and new career. The summer break brought me up to date with many of these. I was more ready for the second semester. But I did waste lot of time doing simply nothing. Or, spending too much time on unnecessary activities. I kept myself in my comfort zone and did not venture into newer, challenging activities, mainly stitching and designing.  Time is running out. I must be very focused this year.

And like every year I resolve to avoid shopping for clothes, shoes and bags unless utmost necessary or available for less than 8 dollars. Oh yes, you search the clearance racks patiently and you get good stuff at very cheap rates. You just have to be patient and not be needy!

There. These were my resolutions. How about you?


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