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When I Went For A Movie Alone

I would never want to watch a movie alone. I mean, what fun? Movies are for dressing up, break coffees and discussion throughout the movie. As I mentioned here too, I enjoy going to movies not just for the movie, but for the whole experience you go through when you go to a movie theatre with company you enjoy.

But I challenged myself to do it – to watch a movie alone.

So when I was in India a few months back, working on my designs, I gave myself that chance. I was living with friends who would be away at work everyday. I had to pass time somehow during the day and my friend suggested that I go for a movie. I dared myself to.

Was my experience good? No. Not at all!

To start with, the crowd was low in the beginning given the fact that it was a weekday afternoon. There were just some guys around and they kept staring at me. I was so conscious. And embarrassed. I know. For no reason. Later on, crowd added up and the hall was pretty full but I remained stressed. It felt like I was in the wrong; that I was committing a crime!

Needless to say, I am never going alone for a movie.

I just don’t enjoy it. There is no point forcing myself to change my philosophies. Movie watching is not a task for me; it is a fun activity that I want to do with people I like.

Talking about movies, I watched Haider the other day. I loved the acting and cinematography and music but on the downside, the movie was really slow, predictable to some extent and very, very depressing! Did they really need all those gross scenes and detailed violent proceedings? I am sure they could be done with.

Anyway, I think Summer ended yesterday. It was cloudy, cold and windy today and is going to remain so for the whole week. I am so sad!

I wore this yesterday to literally celebrate the last day of warmth. And in the spirit of the festive season, of course. I find harem pants the most comfortable thing on earth. and of course, I love adding an Indian touch to everything.








When Shopping Is Not Fun

Last weekend, we shopped like crazy for our upcoming India visit. It feels heavy to think about the amount of money we spent. But what sinks my heart really really low is that I did not buy a thing for myself. Imagine, browsing through clothes whole day and not touching anything that you like. This was the biggest sacrifice I can make. Ever. The biggest self control exercise. Seriously.

And it so happens that when you are focused and go to buy things for other people, you end up liking and wanting so many things for yourself. This is so unfair, testing a shopaholic’s  will power!

I kept telling myself not to get carried away by materialistic things like stuffing your wardrobe with too many clothes and shoes, that there are so many other joys in life that do not involve shopping, that I should not be getting carried away by all those fashion magazines and blogs. But you know, the world is materialistic at the end of the day! You need money and things for everything!

You socialize, you meet people, you take gifts for them. You visit relatives, you gift them things they like. Gifting brings about joy but gifts are material things made possible with money!

It’s all about money, honey.

All that philosophy and rant apart, I ended up buying a few things for myself yesterday. Hee hee! I was purely lucky to have chanced upon those things on the clearance rack saving myself of the obvious guilt feeling.

I am so excited to go to India in December! In Dec, it will be a year since I left India. I have missed everyone back home so much. Not just people, but the shops, the roads, the food, the restaurants, the clothes – everything.

Time for the outfit now..

Fusion forever

san jose fashion blog

Fusion forever

san jose fashion blog

san jose fashion blog