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Make-up & Jewellery Organization

Here are a few things I have learnt about make-up and accessories organization:

· Make-up and jewellery looks pretty. So they need to be displayed, not hidden away in drawers and cabinets.

· They also need to be displayed because you need to see your entire collection every time you dress up. If you are a shopaholic like me, which you probably are if you are dealing with storage problems, you won’t even remember what all you own. So, it is important that everything you own is laid out in front of you, so you can choose justly.

· Innovative storage solutions can act as decor! Baskets, cute boxes, vintage chests, DIY storage – wonderfully satisfying ways of organizing things make your room artsy and add that personal touch.









After years of dealing with broken, lost, tangled up jewellery and cosmetics, I decided to bring them all out. I love baskets and when I saw so many cute baskets at the Dollar Store, I decided to change the way I did things. And I am so happy! I have everything organized and laid out in front of me. I do not repeat things and give other items ‘a chance’. That also gives me the satisfaction that I am using all the stuff I have and have not merely wasted money on things I am never able to use.

What are your storage problems? And ideas?




Monsoon Special: How To Look Stylish With Shorts

Summer has gone away giving way to lashing sheets of rain. But shorts are here to stay. Do away with thick jeans and cotton pants. It’s time to stick with your trusty shorts. A pair of well fitting, good looking shorts doesn’t need much styling. You can wear shorts in a variety of ways to make your monsoon as stylish as summer. Here are some ideas.

1. Tough with delicate

Wear denim cut offs with delicate textures like lace, eyelet and croquet. Create a boho look by putting on some chunky silver jewellery. If you want to go simple and quick, throw on a catchy t-shirt and you are good to go.



2. Experiment with other textures

Denim shorts never fail. However, do not ignore the variety available. There are khakhis (my favourite), wool, linen (another favourite), lace and polyester. There are plains and there are printed ones. Look for unique prints like block prints, quirky prints or embellishments like embroidery and mirror work. Add color and spirit to the grey weather.



3. Try different styles

Skorts, long shorts / Bermudas, flared shorts, balloon shorts, high waisted shorts or shorts with pleats. You can be overwhelmed with the range. Select a style that suits your body and personality. I totally vouch for long shorts. They are a bit conservative because they are longer. You can create a semi formal look by pairing them with a smart shirt and a belt. Try Wills Lifestyle or Allen Solly for these.



4. Accessorize

Spruce up your tee-and-shorts with accessories like scarves, statement necklaces and large earrings. Scarves and earrings are my favourite combo. Make a messy bun when you do this combo, will you. Moreover, a scarf will protect you from the chill that is inevitable in the rainy season.



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Find My Way

(Play music while you read!)

At times, do you have a problem with the way you are? I do, with one particular trait of mine. I am an introvert. I can go on talking to people I know and am close with but otherwise, I talk less. Not just that, I think a lot in my mind but I won’t speak out my thoughts.

This trait posed a great deal of problems for me after I moved to the US. I was meeting so many new people and I started going to school. And I knew no one. So, I had to open my mouth and make friends. But I wouldn’t. Or, couldn’t. I was too nervous. Often, I would try. But I would speak in such a meek voice that the person sitting beside me would not hear. And that would create more embarrassment for me.

I was otherwise confident. I have been asking questions in class and actively participate. I have been doing well in this totally new subject. This has given me oodles of confidence and boosted my self-esteem but still, its going to be a while when I start feeling like I belong here.

It took me a year to accept and get comfortable to a particular friend circle. A year of meeting them twice a month brought out the comfort level.

I know, I am no different than others. Just because they have been living here for so long does not mean they are better in any way. It’s just my anxious mind that muddled up my basic concepts.

Around a couple of months after I came here, I was picked up to participate in a webcast on Huffington Post. There were 5 other women in the webcast. It was a disaster. For one, I was at school, sitting in a corridor during break trying to interact on the webcam on my tablet. I could not hear a thing. I am not one to butt in a conversation. I could not participate even when they asked me to speak – because they could not hear me. I felt so ashamed.

I consoled myself saying I think better than I speak. I write better than I interact in a group. And perhaps, it is completely okay.

When I went to India this time, I surprised myself by chatting with people I barely knew and actively participating in groups. Of course, one year in US has brought about changes in me. I am more open than ever. But I was more free in India because I still consider India my home; I still find comfort there.

Aaaanyway, I enjoy window shopping and shopping here as I enjoy roaming around my college campus, going to the cafeteria and library. I have got used to certain malls, stores and of course my college and actually feel at home there.

So I guess things are improving.

Coming to the outfit post. I wore this on Sunday. I went to a car mela, a temple to attend a function and a social visit. I got this beautiful woollen vest from Janpath at the cost of peanuts. It is in lovely tweed – brown with pink dots. It goes with just about everything. it gives a 90’s look, maybe, but I think it is an evergreen, classic, smart Indo-western look. I accessories with a big metal pendant, wood-n-metal drop earrings, oxidized nose-ring, leopard print flats and a jhola bag.



woolen vest

Style Resolutions for 2013

After going through fashion blogs a lot lately, and because fashion is going to be my focus for the coming year, I have zeroed on some resolutions for this year. I have realized that my dressing style is very standard and similar. I do not create bold mixes. I usually put on a pair of shorts, a chiffon top and funky sandals. To add more funk, I would wear metal bangles and a nose ring. But the many pieces of scarves and tops in my wardrobe are mostly under utilized. So this year, I have to get rid of this ‘playing safe’ habit of mine. The inspiration behind this resolution is Tanvii’s style.

Lace and vintage

Another thing I tend to do is bend more towards greys and tans. Earlier pieces of clothing have a lot of pink and white but nowadays it is only grey, tan and dull green. I would pair these colours with everything. And there will be tan / grey pullovers, shoes and bags. Uh. So this year, I am going to expand my span of colours.


Moustaches and spikes

When I was in India, I was a compulsive shopper. There, the brands were similar, prices were standard and if I spotted anything different, I wouldn’t think twice and just pick it up. This doesn’t work here. The choices are too many and prices vary big-time. I know I cannot STOP shopping (why should I? I am not going to stay young forever!). I can only resolve to spend only on great bargains / deals and make the best of what I already own.

Overly dressed

When I was making these sets, I realized I already own similar pieces of clothing. Its time I experiment!

Waiting for summer

This year the biggest change that is coming into my life (apart from marriage of course. But I guess, that’s stale news now!) is fashion studies that I am beginning from this month end! I am shifting gears. After 7+ years in Human Resources, I am starting afresh in a totally new field. A field I am really passionate about and is damn challenging. I know I will have to struggle. I will be a student again, totally novice and unaware. Its like going back 10 years – back to when I was a MBA student and didn’t know what Corporate was all about. But then, I learnt and grew. I am so looking forward to this new life, this new chapter.

Wild at heart