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Oversized Block Print Shirt

I cannot believe Fall is here already! Daylight Saving Time ends on 2nd Nov; that is a painful reminder that good days are over.

Each time of the day, including peak afternoons, is accompanied by cold winds; the sun is hiding behind clouds.

Gosh, summer is really over!

This whole week, I have been layering and covering myself completely because not just outside, inside of my workplace is freezing too. Well, not exactly freezing, but that’s how it has been feeling.

Of course Fall dressing can be fun – plaids, infinity scarves and boots. But it also makes me sloppy and immobile. I also dislike wearing jeans the whole day. I crave the freedom summer provides.

Summer is 5 months away and I am already longing for it. Not good!

Here is my outfit post from 2 weeks ago. Even though mornings were nippy, afternoons were scorching hot. I bought this Ann Taylor shirt recently and even though it is one or two sizes bigger, I enjoy wearing it. Oversized shirts look great tucked-in into pants or skirts. I also like the fact that it is block printed. A wonderful ethnic touch to a casual Californian look.






Shirt: Ann Taylor

Shorts: Gifted (from Bangkok)

Necklace: The Basic Closet

Shoes: Catwalk


Sometimes Life Can Be A Scorpio

Coming to a new country after leaving a completely settled, content life can be daunting. It seems brave in the beginning but once you are deep into it, it is pure depressing and stressful.

I have spent almost a year in the US and have coped up well here – made friends, am doing well at college, am driving around and shopping on my own, pursuing my hobbies – and yet, I find myself in awkward situations every now and then.

Like the other day when I met a friend for lunch and realized I was very low on petrol (Yeah, I still say petrol). I asked my friend to help me because I had never filled petrol on my own before. And when we 2 ladies were frantically looking for the button to open the tank, I eyed a man looking at us. It was a Sheesh! moment.

And later at college, a classmate and I ended up talking about our Thanksgiving holiday plan. She said she was visiting Disneyland with family and I blabbered off on how wonderful it is and what they should be doing there only to know later that her husband has worked in the Art department of Disneyland for many years and it has been their regular holiday destination. Oh my gaad!

My first awkward moment actually happened 10 days after I landed in the US at one McDonald’s in LA. We finished off our food and while leaving, I spotted the illuminated Exit sign. For some reason I thought that is where you are supposed to exit from (and not from the entry way) and Whooooooooooooeeeee went the alarm. I saw a hundred eyes on me. I wanted to melt but I bravely walked back the same way, went up to the servers at the counter (who were going on with their work like nothing had happened) and told (rather, stuttered to) one of them that I had accidently let off the alarm. She looked really annoyed.

But the best thing here is no one really cares. No one gives you or your actions much thought. They are not judgemental. This is how I adjusted so well at college (with a totally new career) and find most happiness there.

india fashion blog

india fashion blog

green flats

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scorpio top

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Nature Inspired Designs

In our Principles of Design class, we are given a theme for our final projects based on which we are required to make a miniature dress. Past topics have been vegetation and sea world. This time, we are asked to make costumes based on microorganisms. Can you believe it??!!


I feel terrible about it. I am someone who cannot look at any vaguely gross sight like blood, cut, animal close ups and I am expected to go through hundreds of microorganism pictures on internet, study them and choose one.

Well, I tried thrice today and ended up getting goose bumps, shuddering horribly and closing the page with trembling hands. Jeez, I am still shuddering. I have been really looking forward to this project but this is scaring the wits out of me.

I am thinking of asking a friend or someone to go through pictures and save some decent pictures for me to look at – pictures that do not resemble a living being or their parts in anyway.

*Creeped out*

That apart, I found some really cool pictures of designs inspired by nature, mostly plant and animal life. Our instructor showed us books of excellent designs created by geographical structures like deserts, oceans, raindrops, etc. This is a great tip for aspiring designers. Look around at nature. You will find symmetry and design there. Get inspired by them.


And I will let you know after a few days what I did with my project.

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(All pictures via Google images)


I definitely hate winters. I love my shorts, chiffon tops and gladiator sandals too much to be dressed from head to toe in winter wear. But now I am in the US and I cannot avoid winter! I might as well enjoy it.

Being a great Salman Khan fan, it was blasphemy that I watched Dabangg 2 in the second week but well, I am married now and marriage changes so many things.

So, the first time I watched a movie in a US cinema hall full of loud, over excited NRIs. Hhmm, quite an experience. As for the movie, of course I loved it!