Skincare In Your Kitchen


A good intake of raw fruits and vegetables is no doubt good for your skin. But what affects your skin directly and faster is applying those fruits and vegetables to your skin directly. Try them before you rule this option out or consider it tedious. It may look time consuming on the outside but once you begin following certain practices and enjoying the results, it will come as effortlessly as eating or watching tv.

I have been applying only natural ingredients on my face for quite some time now. I do not use face wash at all. And the difference is apparent. More than anything, I enjoy the whole process because of the results and the experience. The feeling of sweet smelling fruit pulp on your face is just too good.

These are some fruits that I have been using and would recommend –


I use tomato on my face almost every day. It is perhaps the easiest and most handy ingredient because tomatoes are usually always available at home. Apply a piece of tomato directly on face and leave on for good 15 minutes. Wash off with cold water or ice. Tomatoes contain anti-oxidants that fight acne. To turn this into a routine, just chop some tomatoes and store it in the fridge. In the morning, pick up a piece, rub it on your face properly (you may use the juice or pulp), leave on while you go ahead with your others tasks and wash off after 15 minutes.


This tropical fruit is rich in Vitamin C and, like most fruits, antioxidants. It has exfoliating properties. While eating papaya, just take a piece and mash it with your fingers or spoon. If you want to store some of the paste in the fridge for later use, blend a larger quantity in a mixer; you will obtain a better consistency. Apply on face for 10-15 minutes and wash off with cool water. There you are!


Cucumbers reduce swellings and restore facial tissue. You may rub a slice of cucumber on your face or do what I do. I grate a portion of cucumber and refrigerate it. When a cucumber is grated, it tends to release juice. It is then easier to apply. I like to apply it for 15 minutes and then rub ice on my face. Washing off fruit juice with ice is a feeling you MUST try. It is rejuvenating and radically refreshing.


Avocado has a creamy texture (and, oh, don’t I just love how it tastes) which is excellent for dry and ageing skin. Just mash up a piece (mashing an avocado is real easy; we all agree to that?), apply on face and wash off to get baby-soft skin. You don’t need moisturizer after this. Avocado is naturally moistening. You can achieve the same results with banana too.

There are lots of other fruits that you can just mash with your hands and apply – like oranges, mangos, strawberries, grapes, cantaloupes and so on. When you eat these fruits, don’t forget to set aside a few pieces for your skin.

You can apply them alone or mixed with honey or olive oil (olive oil mixed with tomato juice heals sunburn). If you find yourself lacking in time, forget honey or olive oil and apply just the fruit. Results will be equally good.

Whether you are a full-time mother or a career lady or a student – you must allot some time everyday towards good skincare. Make a schedule for yourself. It may be difficult initially, but once it becomes a routine, you will love getting to your skincare regime and will follow it come what may.

I totally vouch for natural ingredients. They cleanse and moisturize your skin equally well or better than face wash, which is nothing but a mixture of chemicals.

Do try some of these organic measures and let me know, will you?


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