Fringe Benefits

The first time I ever saw a fringed product was a black bag at Rocia. And I fell in love with it instantly. Some 3 years ago, it was a good enough steal at Rs. 1700. I didn’t buy it out of some pretentious, forced greatness and regretted later on. I never saw it again!

So when I saw this bag in Singapore a few months later, I grabbed it. Whatever the cost may be, I wanted it.

I love this bag so much that I keep it safely in my handbags box (yes, it is a big box) and don’t bring it out into the evil world.

When Fashionlivre put up a feature on fringe on Facebook a few days back, I instantly thought of this bag and dug it out.

I think it goes really well with shades-of-grey striped maxi. I also like the contrast of multicoloured feathered statement neckpiece and multicoloured pom-poms golden kada against the grey.

maxi dress fringe

maxi dress fringe bag 1

maxi dress fringe bag 2

maxi dress fringe bag 3

fringe bag

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8 thoughts on “Fringe Benefits

  1. shwetajoshi

    The bag is indeed worth hiding from the evil world. Now that I’ve seen it, I want a similar one too! Love the way you accessorize your looks. 👌

    1. NS Post author

      Thanks Vibha. Keep posting trends on your site and I will keep ‘discovering’ things I own but have forgotten.


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