Monsoon Special: How To Look Stylish With Shorts

Summer has gone away giving way to lashing sheets of rain. But shorts are here to stay. Do away with thick jeans and cotton pants. It’s time to stick with your trusty shorts. A pair of well fitting, good looking shorts doesn’t need much styling. You can wear shorts in a variety of ways to make your monsoon as stylish as summer. Here are some ideas.

1. Tough with delicate

Wear denim cut offs with delicate textures like lace, eyelet and croquet. Create a boho look by putting on some chunky silver jewellery. If you want to go simple and quick, throw on a catchy t-shirt and you are good to go.



2. Experiment with other textures

Denim shorts never fail. However, do not ignore the variety available. There are khakhis (my favourite), wool, linen (another favourite), lace and polyester. There are plains and there are printed ones. Look for unique prints like block prints, quirky prints or embellishments like embroidery and mirror work. Add color and spirit to the grey weather.



3. Try different styles

Skorts, long shorts / Bermudas, flared shorts, balloon shorts, high waisted shorts or shorts with pleats. You can be overwhelmed with the range. Select a style that suits your body and personality. I totally vouch for long shorts. They are a bit conservative because they are longer. You can create a semi formal look by pairing them with a smart shirt and a belt. Try Wills Lifestyle or Allen Solly for these.



4. Accessorize

Spruce up your tee-and-shorts with accessories like scarves, statement necklaces and large earrings. Scarves and earrings are my favourite combo. Make a messy bun when you do this combo, will you. Moreover, a scarf will protect you from the chill that is inevitable in the rainy season.



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9 thoughts on “Monsoon Special: How To Look Stylish With Shorts

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    1. NS Post author

      Thanks! Seriously, cold countries give us such limited chances of wearing shorts. I live in California and I am really living up summer each day till it lasts. Thats our story!

      1. MirandaJ

        I didn’t realise California was cold! It’s always portrayed as ever hot and sunny on the big screen. But live life in shorts while you can! And in 6 months time, when I’m in shorts, I’ll think of you rugged up x

    2. NS Post author

      Summers are really hot. Californian weather, of course, is better than the rest of US. No snow, no freezing. But still, it does get cold in Autumn and WInter. We have the last month of summer left now!

  2. shwetajoshi

    Love this little handy guide for styling shorts. I’m usually a denim and tee-shirt kind of girl and I shy away from shorts and skirts as I feel I don’t have well-toned legs, but the 2nd pair of shorts here, made me want to give them a try.

    1. NS Post author

      Girl. Its high time you try shorts and skirts. They are superbly comfortable. In fact, I avoid jeans as much as I can. I find them a burden.


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