New It!

Human beings tend to resist change. Why? Is it because they don’t think there is anything better beyond their current state? Or, is it because they are afraid to come out of their comfort zone? For me, it is a bit of both. And a few recent experiences have proved to me that one must try out new things and widen their outlook.

I have never been into sports. But I couldn’t have avoided Sunday’s FIFA finals. All the excitement happening around me didn’t catch up on me until I landed up at a sports bar with friends at half time. The dark restaurant was filled with people and beer towers. A friend was helpful enough and explained the concepts to me continuously. Pretty soon, I was involved with the game. And what a game it was! Thank god I was open minded enough to agree to go to that place and sit through patiently. Very frankly, the game wasn’t what I was interested in initially. It was the experience, the crowd, the energy. I wanted to feel and experience those vibes.

I am happy I did. And they had a good effect on me.

Another thing I have undone myself to is wine. Alcohol was a strict no-no for me and still is, except wine. Now, I love wine. These pictures are from my recent trip to Napa Valley. I went for two wine tastings (one of which was an amazing wine and food pairing thing) and loved the experience. Not only did I drink ALL the wine, I listened intently to all that we were told about the wines and asked questions. Indeed Napa is a beautiful place. But it is incomplete without wine. And just having wine isn’t as fun as tasting different kinds of wine and understanding their origins.

So next time you are asked to try something new or are expected to exit your comfort zone, just go for it. You may just surprise yourself with your own response.

white summer dress

white dress

white linen dress

wooden bangles

white dress detail

Linen dress: Globus

Neon gladiator sandals: Unionbay (via Kohl’s)

Wooden Bangles: Mysore

Sunnies: Polo Club


8 thoughts on “New It!

  1. shwetajoshi

    Love the way you’ve added a dash of color to your white outfit with bangles and neon-strap sandals. (P.S.: I love your hair. Would you share your hair-care routine with us?)

    1. NS Post author

      Thanks Shweta! Can’t tell you how much I adore these shoes.

      I will put up my haircare routine soon..

  2. A.D!!

    I’ve been thinking about the same. The last couple of months I’ve been dragged to eat food I would normally not have or do things and listen to music I usually don’t. It really is a new and a learning experience 🙂 Although I don’t like wine and I don’t think I ever will hehe except for the few times I had non-alcoholic version of it 😀
    I like the white dress and the pop of color you’v’e added with your footwear 😀 Looks very summery 😀

    1. NS Post author


      That’s ok. You don’t have to take wine if you don’t like it. There are so many other new things to be tried!

  3. Anita

    True sentiments here. We must try & do the new!
    I am yet to go for any alcoholic drink though 🙂
    Nice pics!

  4. manseelikesan

    It’s always good to try out new things 🙂 As the saying goes, when’s the last time you have experienced something for the first time?? Glad that you are open to it babes…and I totally agree with the wine thing…it definitely grows on you…Try having it with cheese and olives….wonderful combination 🙂


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