Interview With Bangalore Designer, Babita Jaishankar

I was so lucky M mentioned her designer friend Babita Jaishankar when I visited her in Bangalore last month. Meeting Babita was a refreshing experience. She is vivacious, positive and warm. Her optimism rubbed off on me. She is a passionate designer who wears multiple hats. Her story is inspiring to an aspiring fashion designer like me.

If you are in Bangalore, you must check out her collection. Her designs have contemporary silhouettes and yet a vintage feel. They are perfect for women who wish to dress up in a modern but modest way.

Here are some of her designs from her FB page.






Babita is a well known name in Bangalore. She regularly gives workshops in Corporate and Institutes and has also judged Miss Bangalore contest in the past. No points for guessing, she is always sighted in her own designs. A busy woman, Babita is, apart from being a loving wife and mother, CEO, Founder of Wsol Fashion & Image Makeovers and Create Designer of BAJA and yet, she was gracious enough to give time to my questions. Read more about her and her work in the following interview..

1. Please tell us something about BAJA & WSol.

BAJA The New You’ is a new age women’s clothing brand, headed by me and Amrutha John. BAJA is all about dressing up the contemporary Indian woman.  Our clothing range is as versatile as today’s woman, with the right mix of traditional and western wear. We have the perfect outfits for you, whether you are a high flying corporate executive or an entrepreneur, a bride or a mom to be.

We are unlike any other brand. We are unique, creating remarkable outfits for women of substance. Our western wear is designed with today’s Indian woman in mind, flattering and complementing Indian body types. Our traditional wear has a modern yet classic look, which is achieved by using indigenous textiles and prints with modern cuts and drapes.   At BAJA,  we help you to get a outfit that suits your color and style profile keeping in mind your lifestyle . 

WSol (Wardrobe solutions) is all about transformations; from head to toe and inside out. We offer a comprehensive suite of fashion and image makeover solutions, with an emphasis on customizing packages to individual style, preferences and life goals. We conduct individual consultations and workshops, all aimed at enhancing your self-confidence, with the help of the right image, grooming and attitude. Our goal is to help you reach your highest possible potential, personally and professionally.  

Our services are beneficial to institutions and individuals alike. On one hand, we work with prestigious management schools, corporate organizations and other formal and informal groups. On the other, we work with individuals – men and women, corporate executives, entrepreneurs, authors and artists, brides and moms. There’s no organization or individual who couldn’t possibly benefit from our services. Whether the client is an individual or an organization, we are committed to offering highly customized solutions that are on par with international standards. Our plans and suggestions are always formulated after a thorough analysis of client needs and preferences.

Organizations like Infosys, Wellingkar Management School, CMR School of Management, ITM Business School, Gyms, Ireboot, IWEN and the Rotary Club have engaged our services and reaped the benefits. It’s time you did, too!

2. How did you decide to get into fashion designing?

Designing was always a part of my life, as a child I would never wear any dress without adding personal touch to it. Started designing and stitching by the time I was a teenager. Don’t know exactly when I wanted to be a fashion designer. Guess it was always there in me.

3. What was the inspiration behind your collection?

Inspiration behind my collection is ‘today’s ‘women. Who is pretty confident, plays different roles and knows what she wants .

4. What does a normal day in your life look like?

Normal day – Nah there is nothing like that J

5. What do you enjoy most about designing?

For me it is to play with colors and fabrics and together the stories it creates.

6. What challenges do you face in your work / industry?

The skilled laborer .

7. Anything you wish you had done differently?

Nothing, it is perfect the way it is .

8. What is your favorite brand?

BAJA, ha ha

9. How would you describe your own personal style?

Very unpredictable, no rules and to be a part of a big story …

10. What was the first article of clothing you ever designed?

It was a dress for my doll that I hand stitched .

11. If you weren’t a fashion designer what would you do instead?

A story teller..

12. What advice do you have for aspiring fashion designers?

Follow your heart

13. Where can readers buy your clothes? or

Do not miss checking out her blog ( where she writes about style tips, developing your own fashion sense and little tit-bits about her life. (Do read this post. You will be amazed at the results. It is an eye opener)

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