Life In Pictures


I got (actually, picked up for free) these books from a soon-to-be opened library in Santa Clara. They had 5 cabinets full of used books kept outside. One could donate books here and take some to read. Heavens know how much I love used books. So I picked these up.


I had cream of asparagus soup in an Italian restaurant in downtown way back in May and I loved the taste and texture of asparagus. The idea of making it struck me recently. I rushed to the nearby Chinese department store and got myself a pack of extremelt healthy looking asparagus. I found a recipe but modified it to suit my taste. And it turned out to be lovely. I will share the recipe soon!


I have been a regular at the gym since September. I thoroughly enjoy my yoga and zumba classes. And I come back starved. All my way back, I think about food. That hunger and despair leads to some exciting experiments. Here, having home-made cinnamon apple jam with steamed turkey slice, spicy fried egg with toast and feta cheese..


A friend made brought some south Indian style tomato chutney for me and I decided to make some healthy uttapam to go with it. Oats Uttapam and this tangy tomato chutney turned out to be a perfect Saturday morning breakfast.


It has become cold here. Clouds and cold winds greet me in the morning and stop me from getting out of bed with energy. The day remains dull and a bit grey. I feel lazy enough to go into the bath, I hate coming out of the hot shower. So this is how I lure myself – French vanilla coffee with cinnamon. Easy to make and extremely yummy.

And, Happy Thanksgiving, guys! Hope you have a great holiday.


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