Nature Inspired Designs

In our Principles of Design class, we are given a theme for our final projects based on which we are required to make a miniature dress. Past topics have been vegetation and sea world. This time, we are asked to make costumes based on microorganisms. Can you believe it??!!


I feel terrible about it. I am someone who cannot look at any vaguely gross sight like blood, cut, animal close ups and I am expected to go through hundreds of microorganism pictures on internet, study them and choose one.

Well, I tried thrice today and ended up getting goose bumps, shuddering horribly and closing the page with trembling hands. Jeez, I am still shuddering. I have been really looking forward to this project but this is scaring the wits out of me.

I am thinking of asking a friend or someone to go through pictures and save some decent pictures for me to look at – pictures that do not resemble a living being or their parts in anyway.

*Creeped out*

That apart, I found some really cool pictures of designs inspired by nature, mostly plant and animal life. Our instructor showed us books of excellent designs created by geographical structures like deserts, oceans, raindrops, etc. This is a great tip for aspiring designers. Look around at nature. You will find symmetry and design there. Get inspired by them.


And I will let you know after a few days what I did with my project.

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(All pictures via Google images)


6 thoughts on “Nature Inspired Designs

  1. Sabyasachi Patra

    Interesting. Some time ago a friend of mine who is a designer was with me in a National park and watching me photograph the patterns in a pond he had commented that one can easily learn from nature. Scientists are observing nature and creating products based on these designs already existing – biomimetics is the term used to describe those.


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