Going To Ram Leela

I had to watch this movie despite mediocre reviews and friends’ warnings. I had been waiting for this movie since months! For one, I am a Ranveer Singh fan. Second, this movie is based in Gujarat (where I belong). I had to watch it for all things Gujarat is associated with – the costumes, the language, the dance, the names, the locales.

So I did.

I was disappointed that with all the efforts that have been put in, the movie stands on such a feeble foundation. Feuding families. Which is ok but it is ridiculous to drag it for 3 hours. After a point, you don’t understand why they are fighting, in the first place. Raanjhar is a funny town, difficult to perceive. People shoot openly, women are raped and chased openly and the 2 rival groups get violent for no reason.

What things are delightful are the chemistry between the actors, the jewellery and dances (Garba in the song Lahu muh lag gaya is particularly breath-taking). All the songs are a visual treat to garba lovers and aural treat for Gujju folk music fans. Like me, for example. I go into a trance when I listen to garba music and my feet want to start dancing. So I just let the music envelop me in its magic.

Ranveer Singh plays a perfect daring, confident, Gujju casanova. His Gujarati is really cute and his killer looks are magnetic. Deepika is pretty, wears beautiful costumes and does her bit well. When the 2 of them – 2 fabulous dancers, dance together, the air crackles! Their chemistry is fiery. But the sad part is it kind of fizzles out after a point when the movie starts focusing on the local rivalry. And when you are already confused as to why they are fighting, you totally lose touch with the storyline.

The movie has a typical SLB look – lot of color, drama, gorgeous costumes, larger than life sets and swanky music. You will find lot of similarity to his earlier movies. Lahu Muh Lag Gaya begins just like Manmohini and looks quite like Aankhon Ki Gustakhiyan. Dhoop has an uncanny resemblance to Silsila Yeh Chaahat Ka. Laal Ishq reminds you of Yun Shabnami. But still, I am quite addicted to Ram Leela’s songs and they have been rolling in my head since a couple of days.

All said and done, I don’t think much if I end up watching a mediocre movie at cinema. I enjoy the whole experience of dressing up (that’s the key) and going to a lively, colourful place like a multiplex. I also enjoy watching the trailers! For this whole experience, I miss M as my companion. In our single days, we used to watch every other movie, have a gala time dressing up and eating to our heart’s content, not giving a damn to our bank balance and work pressures.

Good days..

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7 thoughts on “Going To Ram Leela

  1. manseelikesse

    awwww… miss it too 🙂 In- fact the first time we met was also for a movie 😛 and we had planned that days in advance!! and how can I forget the only girl who I know who enjoys Caramel popcorn!! We should go for a movie whenever we meet next!

    1. NS Post author

      And what a controversial movie that was! I never imagined that Sunday (Pizza Hut & DP) would lead to the Salsa workshop, Parantha festival at Mirch Masala and n number of movies, ‘khandar’ hunting expeditions, exhibitions and food festivals. Sigh sigh. Thanks for that wonderful journey..

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