Fuchsia Is My Second Love

Sometimes, I amuse myself thinking about how I have changed in the last decade. In school, I used to be a major extrovert and an outgoing person. I was extremely confident and was never afraid to talk (even if it was non-sense!). I didn’t think I would fail in anything; my (over)confidence was scary. Same thing continued for quite some time in college and my first job. When I look back at that phase of mine I can’t believe that was me. Today, I am a complete introvert. I am talkative and warm only once I have opened up and found comfort in people. Till then, I am closed. I am not all that confident; rather, I am over cautious and think a 100 times before plunging into anything.

Being introvert is why blogging suits me a lot. I think more, talk less. When I am out with so many strangers around me, I think – I build stories in my mind, I visualize the world operating as per my words. It’s a different kind of a world in my mind.

Good or bad? That debate is still on in my mind.

There is a little story of change behind this outfit too. Some years back, I used to love white. My wardrobe was full of white. Especially, white kurtas that I used to pair with colourful lehriyas or block print dupattas. But suddenly I find a lot of fuchsia in my closet . Even my lunch box carrier is fuchsia. And that’s why, the name of this post.

White is my first love.

Pink blazer

Pink blazer 1

Pink blazer 2

Pink blazer 3

Pink python wedges


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