Flea Market, Country Music, Summer.

Summer is such a wonderful season. Summer has everything cheery and colourful related to it – floral prints, flowy materials, cheery music, fruity drinks and lots of color in every way everywhere. I tried to enjoy those precious few months of summer to my fullest. Holidays at school made summer feel all the more special – relaxed, happy and joyous. I tried something new every other day – some new outfit combination, new cake recipe, different types of music (have lately loved country music). Of course, I preferred to just drift and not to stick to my grand plans of practicing patternmaking and stitching and blogging more. Which is sad, actually. When my 3 month long break ended, I was shocked how those months just flew by without me doing much productive work.

Come to think of it, I have difficulty sticking to one thing. I keep drifting between ‘hobbies’. If I am doing something, I tend to think of some other activity that is more appealing. When I was working in Corporate, I tried finding as much time as I could for blogging. And now, when I have all the time in the world to blog (and topics too), I rarely blog. Earlier, fashion was my biggest passion. I dreamt of having my own venture and saying goodbye to Corporate life forever. And now, when I am already into the fashion line (studying, of course), I think of everything from baking to cooking to socializing to home decoration!

The worst part is, at the end of the day, I find nothing achieved! My whole day has flown but except a clean house (that gets messy by the end of day anyway) and food (that gets over in hours too), I haven’t got anything done. That makes me feel reeeaaallly lousy and inefficient. Where does my time go? More thinking than doing? I guess so.

Coming to the outfit post, this is what I wore to the flea market on a very warm Sunday afternoon. The biggest San Jose flea market is minutes away from my place and I decided to walk (hence, the sneakers). It was a brilliant day. Lovely weather (I love warm weather), good live country music and the most amazing cool Melon fresh juice. Sluurrrrp. This makes me want to run to the flea market asap!





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