It’s Sari Day (Finally!!)

I love saris. When I was shopping for my wedding, despite knowing that I would be moving out of India where I would not find many opportunities to wear sari, I was so driven towards them. I wanted to buy the whole shop (Asopalav, Ahmedabad). I did end up buying a few new ones, stole some of Mum’s and brought some 7 saris to US with me (along with fancy, sexy blouses).

And what happened after coming here? Never got an opportunity to wear one until 5 months later. Yes! I saw my chance when a friend invited us to her son’s Annaparashram function at a temple. The moment I got the invite, my mind was thinking which sari to wear.

And I zeroed on this one because the blouse was most decent!

Some day, I had loved chiffon, georgette and net. Now I love non-shiny silks (like khaadi or jute). This particular sari is from my favourite store (didn’t I mention.. Asopalav, Ahmedabad) and is a sticky kind of silk. If I remember correctly, it is jute silk. I love the bold, vibrant combination of colours. Suited the warm California weather just right!






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