Style Resolutions for 2013

After going through fashion blogs a lot lately, and because fashion is going to be my focus for the coming year, I have zeroed on some resolutions for this year. I have realized that my dressing style is very standard and similar. I do not create bold mixes. I usually put on a pair of shorts, a chiffon top and funky sandals. To add more funk, I would wear metal bangles and a nose ring. But the many pieces of scarves and tops in my wardrobe are mostly under utilized. So this year, I have to get rid of this ‘playing safe’ habit of mine. The inspiration behind this resolution is Tanvii’s style.

Lace and vintage

Another thing I tend to do is bend more towards greys and tans. Earlier pieces of clothing have a lot of pink and white but nowadays it is only grey, tan and dull green. I would pair these colours with everything. And there will be tan / grey pullovers, shoes and bags. Uh. So this year, I am going to expand my span of colours.


Moustaches and spikes

When I was in India, I was a compulsive shopper. There, the brands were similar, prices were standard and if I spotted anything different, I wouldn’t think twice and just pick it up. This doesn’t work here. The choices are too many and prices vary big-time. I know I cannot STOP shopping (why should I? I am not going to stay young forever!). I can only resolve to spend only on great bargains / deals and make the best of what I already own.

Overly dressed

When I was making these sets, I realized I already own similar pieces of clothing. Its time I experiment!

Waiting for summer

This year the biggest change that is coming into my life (apart from marriage of course. But I guess, that’s stale news now!) is fashion studies that I am beginning from this month end! I am shifting gears. After 7+ years in Human Resources, I am starting afresh in a totally new field. A field I am really passionate about and is damn challenging. I know I will have to struggle. I will be a student again, totally novice and unaware. Its like going back 10 years – back to when I was a MBA student and didn’t know what Corporate was all about. But then, I learnt and grew. I am so looking forward to this new life, this new chapter.

Wild at heart


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