Doing It The Bangali Way

This time, I have participated in Navratri in a big way. Not as much as most people here but going out on 6 days out of 9 was good enough considering that I have kept myself out of Navtari since 15 years. I went to perform Garba on 2 nights and watched on the remaining 4. I witnessed the famous garbas of Fine Arts Faculty and United Way, both equally spellbinding not just for the enthusiastic dancers but also for their costumes. Actually, more for their costumes.

Halter necks were common; the new things we noticed were sheer backs and designer chaniyas (ghaghras). Usually conservative girls flaunted their smooth backs, fresh tattoos and flat tummies. Perfect hairstyles were made to show off those sexy backs. Each dancer outdid the other. It was quite delightful to sit at FA or United Way, commenting on passing dancers.

I made it a point to dress up on each outing. It was festival time; everyone was dressed colourfully. How was I to be left behind? I delved into the crowd, dressed my best, and made the most of the festival.





English Vinglish has brought cotton sarees back in fashion. Friendship Bazaar is the perfect place to get such sarees. I rushed there and brought this basic Kalamkari cotton saree (for a generously low price of Rs 650). I think I wore it well.

You think so too?



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