Lace Is Everything

Ok. I have returned some weeks back from a fabulous vacation to Singapore. Even though it was my third visit to this country, I am not bored and will be game to go for the fourth time. Having travelled to parts of Europe and Australia, I will rate Singaporeans as the best dressed people. In fact, the whole of SE Asia – Singapore, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Hong Kong and Thailand. The girls are petite, silky skinned and doll-like. Anything – dresses to bathroom slippers to shorts to faded jeans – looks good on them. My favourite pass time in Singapore, apart from eating and clicking photos, was drooling over Singaporeans. Their hairstyles, clothes and make up was perfect. There is lot of inspiration to be drawn from them!
So, how could I not shop from this fashionable country?? I did! And among the various things I bought, the most precious thing was this lace dress I got from Bugis Street.

Isn’t it a darling!!

More on Singapore fashion soon..


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