Here I go travelling again

Travel is a bug for me. It has bit me big time since the last 2 years. Since my parents have banned me from any more foreign holidays, I am looking within home and I am marvelled at the treasures hidden in Gujarat itself. We decently did a girls trip to Ahmedabad and nearby places. The architecture is amazing – delicate, mysterious and grand. I was left gaping.
Anyway. I found this crochet koti (jacket) that I had got my grandmother to make when I was in school. If you remember the 90’s this fashion was a rage (Kotis over oversized shirts. Look at Suchitra’s outfit at the end of this song). Now that its spring and crochet / lace is in, I dug this out and this looks oh-so-smart. Must thank Grandma for this! She will be delighted.

5 thoughts on “Here I go travelling again

  1. opal

    Love this crochet shrug….Crochet is heavy, and I love it's lighter substitute lace to make a feminine and sexy statement…


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