Inspire. And Be Inspired.

Ok. So many Bollywood songs are copied or ‘inspired’ from English/Korean/Russian songs. Many hindi movie songs are ‘inspired’ from Indian folk songs. Indian actresses copy / imitate styles of Hollywood (Sonam Kapoor and JLo in Gucci evening gown??). My question is, is there a problem with that – getting inspired, which is crudely put as copying or imitating? Do we stop liking a song when we come to know it’s been copied from an English song? As long as an equally beautiful duplicate is created, what’s the harm? It’s another form of beauty or art. Looking at it from another angle, you get to appreciate two forms of the same music piece or appreciate the better one, whichever one it is.

The above outfit is similar to the following outfit worn by Deepika Padukone (the newly acquired bronze and pearl necklace reminded me exactly of this!).

PS: Did you know the song ‘Teri Meri’ from Bodyguard has been taken up from the song La Betleem Colo-n Jos by Cleopatra Stratan (its a Romanian song). Listen to it here. It’s sung by a little girl who has a very very cute voice. This doesn’t stop me from still loving Teri Meri.

2 thoughts on “Inspire. And Be Inspired.

  1. opal

    Copying and getting inspired are two different terminologies. Here you have not blindly copied deepika's attire ,but just re created the outfit maintaining your individual style..

  2. vaibhav

    any piece of music, fashion etc can be appreciated irrespective of pondering over whether it was copied. Its just a work out of a person's mind and it makes no difference as long as its good..


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