Working Class

In my 6.5 years of work experience, I have acquired a lot of skills:

1. Smart work: Something which I don’t think I have understood but am hopeful someday I will be an expert in this aspect.
2. Patience / Tolerance: Ability to stay cool, calm and composed in most testing / trying situations. Courtesy – an individual called The Boss.
3. Tact: Ability to be nice to most irritating pests with whom you have no intentions of interacting at work, forget beyond.
4. Stretched Limits: I never knew I could play so much with numbers, Excel sheets, presentations and letters even though I don’t give a damn about what happens to them subsequently.
5. Sacrifice: Have forgone all selfish interests in life like friends, food, movies, hobbies and personal space. There is whole life left to be selfish, right?
I am not a journo. Or an artist. Or a write. Nor a designer.
I am a bored HR Professional.
And yet, I dress like this to work.


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