I knew I would love Hyderabad. Somehow, the excitement of the primary reason for our visit there, ie, my cousin’s wedding, wasn’t as much as the excitement of Hyderabadi Biryani, Charminar and Golcond Fort was. I looked forward to escaping into Hyderabad’s palaces and markets. After the trip is over now, I look back and think though it was a brilliant trip, I haven’t had enough of the tech city. Hyderabad, with its contrasting dimensions – malls and narrow lanes; international brands and Lad Bazaar; flyovers and tiny markets – has enthralled me.

I roamed around like a typical tourist with the camera glued in front of me all the time.
This is me. Geared up for a sunny long day of sightseeing in Chowmahala Palace and shopping in the congested, dusty lanes of Laad Bazaar.

During my 5 days there, I allowed the sights and corners of Hyderabad sink into me. I did not mind the dust, the sun and the large amount of walking at all. I was only craving for more.

6 thoughts on “Hyderabad

  1. vaibhav

    I visited Hyderabad way back in 2005 for an interview and had a whirlwind tour of the city in 2 days. But I did let it sink in with the Karachi Bakery cookies and the biryani. There are actually two very different cities on either side of the bridge ..The Nizam never wore the same dress again and was amazed to see the hall that housed his wardrobe. Just imagine the quantity of clothes he had!!!


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