My Dotted World

Life is generally good except that work is driving me crazy! It is year end – that time of the year when you barely have time to eat or breathe.
My days are full these days – with work, friends, gym, books and dreams of my new venture. Having stayed for almost 7 years in Corporate,. my hands are itching to try something else. Something more creative, dynamic and satisfying. While I have lots of plans and big dreams, putting them into reality is a challenge.
There’s nothing like a lovely Sunday brunch with a bunch of dear friends. This is what we did recently and ate to our heart’s content at Taj. I put together this outfit on that fun day. Would you believe it if I said that the top is actually tailor made and the cloth piece was retrieved by me just before the wholesale cloth shop owner discarded this pretty piece as waste? Never imagine it would look this beautiful in the end!

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