My little cousin has grown up now. We, inseparables, do crazy stuff whenever we are together. We forget the whole world when we are in each other’s company. She is no longer my little girl; she’s grown! She’s much, much taller than me! When she was little, she was the cutest girl around. Today, she’s grown into a pretty young lady and one of the best friends I have.
We went crazy with this little, random photo shoot we did when I went to her place during Diwali. Adi has beautiful features – a bright smile, a cute nose and eyes that dance every time she talks disclosing the liveliness that resides within her.

Adi’s Mom, my Aunt, herself is very artistic and creative and I know from where Adi gets her genes. Take a note of the beaded neck piece, wooden bangles and chappals. Mami has scoured up all of these from streets like Colaba Causeway and Bandra. My grandfather’s 25 year old Fiat acted as a perfect background!

Fusion dressing will never bore me. How much ever I love denim and stilettoes, wooden jewellery, indian block print and bandhini will always attract me. Indian kitsch (if that’s what indian fusion has turned into), old walls, vintage doors, abandoned old houses, creepers on old walls, chappals – will remain a part of my deep obsessions.


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