Keep Glowing

My skin is glowing these days. Of course I love it. I love the compliments even more. Every time I wash my face, I tilt and turn my head so that light falls on different portions my face, showing the glow and smoothness.
I have just been following a simple regime, use good effective products (natural and cosmetic) and am disciplined about it. So here is what I do –
Morning wash: Body Shop Tea Tree oil face wash
Morning moisturizing: Neutrogena oil free moisturizer
Afternoon: Wash with water a couple of times and once with Himalaya face wash followed by Body Shop Vitamin C daily day moisturizer
Evening: Himalaya Cleaning Milk, Nivea or VLCC Toner & Biotique Morning Nectar moisturizer / Johnsons baby cream. Sometimes I just use Vitamin C face wash by Body Shop followed by face cream.
Wednesday: Ayur Neem face mask / homemade besan + honey + milk mask
Friday Night after cleansing: Aloe Vera Hyderating Mask by Body Shop
Sunday: Body Shop Papaya scrub
To sum it up, use a good face wash in the morning and follow it with a non sticky oil free day cream. Cleanse-tone-moisturize your skin in the evening. Scrubbing and applying a face mask once a week is a must.
A few tips here and there:
– A good night cream is a MUST. Going off to sleep without applying a layer of nice smelling, soft cream on your face is a crime!
– Scrub only once a week. Use one of the fruity flavours The Body Shop has.
– Minimize use of face wash as much as possible. Though not as hard as soap is, face wash is still made up of chemicals. Use cleansers and toners instead. They clean the skin equally well and don’t snatch away all the moisture.
– Scour the kitchen to make natural masks / mixes. Some ingredients like tomato, papaya or honey act like mask in themselves.
– Cover your face with a stole / dupatta while travelling on road.
I may be a little obsessed with skin care but I love it. I love the aroma of papaya scrub and the feel of my skin after I wash off the besan + honey mask. How could I let laziness come in between this beautiful feeling!
Is there anything special you do that makes your skin feel heavenly? Is there an aroma that your skin loves? Tell me!

4 thoughts on “Keep Glowing

  1. Sowmya

    That's a lot of products. Thanks for the list. Will atleast try the body shop ones. I had tried the Neutrogena face wash and didnt like it so dont want to venture there again:-)

  2. NS

    That's not much actually! You just have to get one scrub, mask, etc each and use it regularly.. Home made masks and scrubs and moisturizers do wonders too..

  3. ayesha

    I mostly follow home remedies. I use sugar as a natural scrubber and these days I'm cleansing my face with oats. Face masks I use are made of orange peel or sometimes just besan and milk. Egg also does wonders to my skin!


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